Do you want to be a wizard?

The Wizards mission is to give the rider great satisfaction when riding the hardest big mountain enduro lines.
The magic comes from a combination of carefully designed Floating Pivot suspension System, selection of profiles and tubes some of which are custom produced, precisely Cnc machined and turned parts which are all together hand welded by top level welders.
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Wizard 27,5

Pure Manufacture Spline snb nowy

Wizard 29

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Wizard Mullet

About us

Our mission is designing and building handcrafted gravity oriented mountain bike frames for the most demanding.
It all starter as a passion over 20 years ago when Paweł designed his first downhill full suspension frame.
For over 10 years he designed over 10 different types of mountainbike frames.


Each Druid frame starts its life as EU CE certified raw tubing, billet and plates in carefully selected alloys. All the cnc milling, turning of each part of the frame is done in house. Each Druid frame is hand welded in precisely designed and manufactured welding jigs. All these production steps guarantee top quality of the final product and allow customization for the most demanding customers.


Druid Bicycles

ul. Wiejska 1
42-675 Ziemięcice, Poland
+48 662 268 358

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