Each Druid frame starts its life as EU CE certified raw tubing, billet and plates in carefully selected alloys. All the cnc milling, turning of each part of the frame is done in house. Each Druid frame is hand welded in precisely designed and manufactured welding jigs. All these production steps guarantee top quality of the final product and allow customization for the most demanding customers.
Each Druid frame design has its start as an idea which is then sketched by hand.


All Druid frames are welded from 7020 aluminium alloy. We only use EU produced and certified tubing and billet. The 7020 alloy has almost 25% higher tensile strength and around 35% higher fatigue strength comparing to commonly used 6061. The stiffness is also higher. These features make it possible to build lightweight frames from smaller dimension and wall thickness tubes and profiles with higher stiffness then 6061.


Parts of the frame such as the suspension linkage, bolts, axles are made from EU made and certified 2017 aluminium alloy which has higher tensile strength and stiffness then 7020 but is not suitable for welding. All these parts after cnc machining are anodized which result in a very tough, scratch resistant surface which nicely underlines the cnc precision.


All Druid frames are TIG welded by hand using carefully selected welding rods and using class 5 Argon gas and top level Kempi welding machines. We proudly show our welding lines which are laid by welders with decades of experience.


Each Druid front triangle and swingarm is heat treated to T6 temper in house. The 7020 alloy doesn’t require this process as after welding it has the ability to naturally harden. We use artificial aging as it guarantees that the welded construction is stress free and has a homogeneous structure contributing to higher strength and hardness compared to natural aging.

Airbrushing and powder coating

All logos on the frame are airbrushed by a certified specialist. After this process frames are powder coated in our own in house process using top quality powders which result is the quality and durability of the finish. Custom powder coat colours and airbrush finishes are also possible.

Final assembly

Each Druid frame is hand assembled using proper torque values and thread sealents. Parts of the frame such as headtube, bottom bracket, seat tube are reamed and threaded to the final dimensions making sure the assembly of the frame into a bike is satisfying.

FPS Suspension

The Floating Pivot System was born in 2007. Pawel started working on a new downhill frame with a virtual pivot type linkage system. The result was the F44 frame which was famous for its super plush and active suspension system combined with good pedaling efficiency. The double linkage system gives the designer unlimited options for finding the desired parameters such as leverage ratio, axle path. The F44 suspension became well known in the mountain bike world and won numerous podium finishes in many national and international races including World Cups.

The Wizards suspension is an evolution of the original FPS system. Fully active, making it glued to the hardest trails . Optimal anti squat and anti rise parameters together with a linear rising progressive rate gives the rider a feeling like riding on a short travel downhill bike. Better uphill efficiency and progressiveness is achieved by using air shocks. Coil spring shocks makes the suspension feel more active, bottomless and plush on all types of hits and is suggested for more aggressive riders. The suspension has a rearward axle path in most of its range for sucking up square type bumps.

Leverage ratio:

The FPS leverage ratio has a smooth “linear progressive” rate throughout the travel. The leverage ratio is designed to work well with air and coil shocks. It has a very sensitive rate around the SAG point and ramps up towards bottom out but in a smooth way giving the rider a bottomless suspension feeling.

Anti squat:

The anti squat around the SAG point is simular using different sprocket combinations making sure the pedaling efficiency is at a proper rate. This parameter lowers rapidly but in a smooth way towards the end of the travel.

Anti rise:

Anti rise is 95% at the SAG point and slightly lowers towards the end of the travel. This guarantees active suspension, even under hard braking in the hardest terrain without loosing traction.

Druid bicycles technology
Druid bicycles technology
Druid bicycles technology
Druid bicycles technology
Druid bicycles technology
Druid bicycles technology
Druid bicycles technology
Druid bicycles technology
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